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    About Neosutras

    Neosutras is a transformative practice integrating yoga, meditation, and movement, drawing inspiration from sacred geometry. This visionary approach merges ancient wisdom with modern body-mind-soul teachings. Our mission is to awaken consciousness and promote well-being through empowering practices and artistry, raising vibrations for families and individuals alike.

    As vibrational beings, we respond to the energetic frequencies around us. Neosutras creates high-vibrational art and tools rooted in the frequency of love, offering healing and transformation.




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    Neosutras Wellness Education For Kids

    Kids Mindful Movement Education: About Our Classes

    Our classes offer a unique blend of yoga and dance fundamentals, curated by Pola Rubis and Cyberyoga a seasoned wellness advocates, certified yoga instructors, and professional dancers with over 20 years of teaching experience spanning ages 3 to 60 years old.

    Rooted in the foundational principles of yoga, their method prioritizes correct body alignment for optimal health and improvement. It distinguishes itself from traditional dance and gymnastics by emphasizing:


    - Advanced Flexibility, Mobility, and Strength Training: Our approach focuses on healing and nurturing the body, rather than causing harm.

    - Coordination Training: Enhances both physical and mental memory, promoting focus and concentration.

    - Rhythm and Musicality Practice: Incorporates elements to foster a sense of rhythm and musicality.

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    Neosutras Wellness Education For Adults

    Adult Classes Focus: Anti-Aging Movement and Holistic Wellness

    Our adult classes are centered around anti-aging movement practices designed to reverse aging and optimize body and mind function. Suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, this transformative practice targets:


    - Reversing Aging Effects: Our carefully curated movements and exercises work to rejuvenate the body, counteracting the effects of aging.

    - Injury Rehabilitation: Tailored sequences aid in rehabilitating injuries, promoting healing and restoring functionality.

    - Lifestyle Enhancement: Emphasizing holistic wellness, our classes support individuals in adopting healthier lifestyle habits for improved overall well-being.

    - Weight Management: Through mindful movement and targeted exercises, participants can achieve their weight loss goals and attain their desired physique.

    - Join us to embark on a journey of holistic transformation, where age becomes just a number, and vitality becomes a way of life.





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    About Cyberyoga

    Lamonte Goode, also known as CYBERYOGA, is a pioneer in using movement for healing and inspiration. Through his innovative Cyberyoga practice, Lamonte empowers individuals worldwide to unlock their potential and cultivate inner strength. Recognized for his expertise in handstands and arm balancing, he advocates for mental health and well-being, offering a joyful path to advanced body control and resilience


    About Pola Rubis

    Pola Rubis is a wellness advocate, certified yoga instructor, and professional dancer with over 20 years of experience teaching individuals aged 3 to 60. Her teachings are rooted in yoga fundamentals, emphasizing correct body alignment for optimal health and wellness outcomes. This approach distinguishes itself from traditional dance and gymnastics by prioritizing overall well-being and longevity.

    She is an expert in recovery methods and boasts a professional performance background, having served as a soloist with major dance companies in Russia and the USA. 


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