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    Trauma Healing / Mental Health Guide with Pola Rubis


    I extend a warm welcome to you and your courageous intentions to embark on a journey towards a healed self. The first step entails listening to your inner voice and trusting your intuition to take action towards receiving healing.

    My name is Pola, and for the past 40 years, I've been on a transformative journey. As a wellness advocate, yogi, artist, and life researcher, I am deeply committed to humanity's well-being and the profound experiences we are capable of, often hindered by layers of accumulated trauma throughout life.

    Through my personal struggles with mental and physical health, I've delved into various fields including psychology, physiology, energy work, diverse movement modalities.The essence of deep emotional healing cannot solely be gleaned from books; it must be experienced firsthand. This journey has empowered me to assist others in shifting their perspectives on life and self, breaking free from limiting mental constructs and negative experiences.

    I've overcome a 15-year battle with a food disorder, chronic depression, and childhood trauma. Four years ago, my exploration led me to discover plant medicine, opening doors to universal and personal subconscious realms, enriching my empathic abilities and knowledge exponentially.

    My approach to helping others transcends conventional psychological methods that primarily engage the mind. I learned that the heart holds the key to profound transformation, possessing boundless wisdom beyond the constraints of the mind's learned limitations. During our sessions, I observe the mind while tuning into the heart, offering perspectives that open both mind and heart to facilitate transformation. My aim is to guide you in transcending limitations, reclaiming joy, harnessing inner resources, and, most importantly, reconnecting with your essence—where you feel truly at home.




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    Complimentary consultation

    I would be glad to meet with you for a complimentary 15-minute consultation. Please feel free to choose a time that best suits you, and I'll do my best to accommodate your schedule. 

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    1 on 1 Coaching Healing Session

    Experience a personalized Zoom consultation integrating trauma healing techniques to support your journey towards healing and wholeness. Receive compassionate guidance, tailored strategies, and empowering tools to navigate through past traumas and cultivate resilience. Start your path towards inner peace and emotional well-being today.


    Duration : 1hour 15 minutes

    Total: $200

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    Group Healing Circle

    Transformation of inner fears, insecurities, and wounds into self-empowerment through immersive self-work in a warm, supportive, and trusting environment. Here, like-minded individuals gather with the shared intention to break through emotional or physical obstacles hindering their path to happiness, joy, and fulfillment of life purpose.Transformation of inner fears , insecurities and wounds into the self empowerment throught the deep dive self work in the warm, supportive, trusting envirement of like minded people who came with the same intention to breack through the obsticles emotional or physical thqat are standing on the way to their happiness and joy and life purpose fullfillment.


    Group of max. 10 people
    Course: 4 sessions
    Duration: 2 hours each

    Total: $200

  • About

    Emotional trauma healing is of paramount importance for overall well-being and mental health. Here's why:

    Restores Emotional Balance: Traumatic experiences can disrupt emotional equilibrium, leading to symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Healing from emotional trauma restores balance, allowing individuals to regain control over their emotions and reactions.

    Improves Relationships: Unresolved emotional trauma can impact relationships, causing difficulties in communication, trust issues, and conflicts. By addressing and healing emotional wounds, individuals can cultivate healthier and more fulfilling relationships with others.

    Enhances Self-Awareness: Healing from emotional trauma involves confronting painful experiences and understanding their impact on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This process fosters self-awareness and insight, empowering individuals to make positive changes and break harmful patterns.

    Reduces Physical Symptoms: Emotional trauma often manifests as physical symptoms such as headaches, digestive issues, and chronic pain. Through healing, individuals can alleviate these physical manifestations, as emotional and physical health are closely interconnected.

    Promotes Resilience: Healing from emotional trauma strengthens resilience and coping mechanisms, enabling individuals to navigate future challenges with greater ease and adaptability. It instills a sense of empowerment and confidence in one's ability to overcome adversity.

    Prevents Future Dysfunction: Untreated emotional trauma can lead to long-term psychological issues, substance abuse, and other maladaptive coping strategies. By addressing trauma early and seeking appropriate support, individuals can prevent the development of further dysfunction and improve their long-term prognosis.

    Facilitates Growth: While traumatic experiences are inherently painful, they also present opportunities for growth and transformation. Through the process of healing, individuals can cultivate greater self-compassion, empathy, and personal growth, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

    Increases Quality of Life: Healing from emotional trauma contributes to overall well-being and quality of life. It enables individuals to experience greater emotional freedom, inner peace, and fulfillment, allowing them to live authentically and pursue their goals and aspirations.

    In summary, the importance of emotional trauma healing cannot be overstated. It is a transformative journey that restores emotional balance, enhances relationships, promotes resilience, and ultimately empowers individuals to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

    The process

    I offer 1-hour sessions conducted via Zoom, where we connect intuitively. Each session unfolds organically, guided by your intentions and my intuition regarding the most pertinent layer to address at the moment.

    Our mental universe is intricate, composed of layers that gradually unravel as we heal each preceding layer. It's essential to trust the process and embrace this journey without pressure or expectations. By creating a space for the unknown to emerge, we allow wounds to heal and transformation to unfold naturally.

    Our meetings are not bound by a specific schedule, as each individual's process unfolds at its own pace. Some aspects may require more time to process than others. You will intuitively sense when you are ready to continue, as it is a dance with your own process. My role is to support you in understanding and navigating this journey, providing guidance and encouragement along the way.