• VR Meditations & Installations based on 100 Neosutras body asanas, designed using cutting-edge technology.

    Point Clouds Interactive Installation
    Point Clouds Interactive Installation
    Point Clouds Installation
    Point Clouds Installation
    3D installation
    3D installation
  • Neosutras Presents New Age, Full Immersive Installations with VR experiences & Performance

    Combining technology, art, and well-being for a positive impact on society. By merging technologies such as 3D, VR, and point clouds to create a healing art experience for the enhancement of mental and physical health through mindfulness and meditation practices. Neosutras installations and VR art wellness experiences based on 3D scans of 100 unique asanas of CEO Pola Rubis and Lamonte Goode.

    Using 3D scans of Neosutras asanas and incorporating them into VR meditations is a creative approach to the new age fusion of art & tech & wellness. Each asana representing an energy code and activating high vibrational frequency adds a unique element to the meditation experience. Guiding meditations with high-frequency sounds further enhances the immersive nature of the healing art.

    Offering these meditations in two formats, either using projections or LED screens, or in VR sets with comfortable pillow setups, provides flexibility and accessibility to individuals seeking well-being and mindfulness muriged with art. We are promoting a new tools for the wellbeing and acknowledging the importance of positive social impact in the daily life and corporate business world.

    By bringing together the realms of technology and well-being, we have a potential to contribute to the overall improvement of mental and physical health in society. It's crucial to prioritize wellness as technology continues to advance rapidly.

    Our intention is to bring VR meditations to the gallery, business and public spaces to empower the culture of self-care.
    Please feel free to contact us to request VR meditation experience at your space, event or art facility.


  • Neosutras Guided VR Meditation

    First time in the history Neosutras VR Guided Meditation was presented at the Nematic Gallery at Carmel By The Sea.

    Watch our videos to view the impressions and the experience itself.

    Please use VR equipment to get a full immersive experience.

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  • View Full Experience

    Visual & Sound VR Meditation Examples.

  • Monuments Of Peace 

    Neosutras creators sculptures based on 3D scans of body asanas formulates the fundament of installations and VR meditative experiences. 

    Pola & Lamonte 3D scanned over 100 signature asanas that gradually turned into the new media art creations with the touch of holistic and healing approach.

  • The Process

    As a futurists, we are creating using cutting edge technology solutions. We made a history by become a first yogis in the world who captured over 100 unique asanas.

    Created 3D mesh and avatars are used to build installations, sculptures, furniture and unique experiences in VR.

  • Sculptures Presentation

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