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    Visionary Photography

    Pola Rubis is the visionary CEO of Neosutras, a polymath in the realms of photography, curation, wellness coaching, and phygital art innovation, boasting a Master's in Art. A pioneer in visionary healing art, she harnesses the power of creativity to facilitate profound healing experiences.

    As a sought-after speaker at NFTNYC, and a featured artist on prestigious platforms like SuperRare and Black Dove, ARTPOINT. Pola is celebrated for her progressive conscious art. She is also an esteemed author, focusing on mental and physical health education, as well as the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as 3D, VR, AR, and volumetric tech.

    Her work is showcased globally at renowned art fairs, including Liverpool London, NFT Paris, CADAF ( Paris, NYC ), Art Basel ( Miami ), NFT Asia Bali, Singapore, Futurist Conference Canada, Art Crush World Tour Paris, Project22 ( Dubai ), Nematic Gallery featured artist ( Carmel By The Sea ), BREATHE Convention 2023( Las Vegas ), TEZOS Foundation and more.

    Among her esteemed collectors are legendary artist Coldy, producer Katerina Gecmen-Waldeck, and Craig Palmer, CEO of premium NFT platform Makers Place.

    Pola has long been fascinated by human potential and spirituality, drawing inspiration from esteemed mentors like Bob Proctor and Anthony Robbins. Additionally, she benefitted from the guidance of world-renowned photographer Gueorgui Pinkhassov (Magnum France), who served as both a friend and photography mentor.



  • About Visionary Photography

    Visionary portraiture is the genre invented by Pola Rubis 17 years ago to unlock the potential and dormant energy of greatness in people. At the beginning, Pola was focusing on working with women to help them embrace their unique beauty, empower them, and capture their real essence. Currently, Pola works with both men and women, as well as couples, with the intention to use photography as a tool to heal and unleash the sovereignty of each individual.


    "I have connected with hundreds of women and men, and helped them see their gifts and authenticity. It truly works magic, as nothing can be more powerful than meeting your real self!"


    During this process, you have the opportunity to add an artistic touch to your image and play with Pola's creativity in imagemaking. She will be happy to hear your vision and story to advise and create a match for the desirable outcome.

    The Process

    "Prior to every photography session, Pola engages in an interview with each model to deeply understand their intentions and essence. This pivotal step is integral to our co-creative process, fostering self-discovery and ensuring a deeply personalized experience."

    Why Visionary Portraiture?

    This approach involves self-exploration and healing through art, guided by an artist and mentor skilled at capturing your true essence.

    While occasions like birthdays or weddings may spark such experiences, it's also a soulful journey to explore your own magnificence and inner radiance on a deeper level.

  • Packeges

    Choose the session package that best suits your needs. 

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    Visionary Photography Session For Single Model:


    Experience a 2 hours session tailored to your unique intentions. With two distinct looks against diverse backgrounds in a professional studio, you'll receive 100 raw photo files and 7 edited images to elevate your vision. Additional edits are available for $40 each. Studio address provided upon booking.



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    Couples Visionary Photography Session:


    Immerse yourselves in a 3-hour visionary photography session designed exclusively for couples seeking to encapsulate their emotions and amplify their passion and love.

    Explore two distinctive looks against an array of backgrounds in a professional studio setting. Following the session, you'll receive 150 raw photo files and 10 expertly edited images to further elevate your vision. Additional edits are available for $40 each.