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    Custom Art


    Paintings, mixed media, sculpture, furniture with inclusion of your likness, large & small scale sizes, custome colors and textures.

    Please visit our page to learn more about the process.

  • SM & NFT

    Learn more about Neosutras from our Social Media Channels and NFT market places

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  • Pola Rubis

    Pola Rubis is CEO of Neosutras, curator, choreographer, a multidisciplinary phygital artist-innovator with a Master’s in ART. She is a pioneer of visionary healing art, representing Asian & USA community, NFTNYC speaker, SuperRare featured artist, wellness advocate, and author focusing on progressive conscious art, mental and physical health education, Crypto-ART and integration of the latest world technology such as: 3D, VR, AR, volumetric tech. Pola is WEB2 & WEB3 bridge builder that is making a shift in crypto and traditional art culture.

    Her work is featured all over the world at art fairs such as: NFT NYC, LA ART Show, Liverpool London, NFT Paris, CADAF ( Paris, NYC ), Art Basel ( Miami ), NFT Asia Bali, Chicago, Futurist Conference Canada, Art Crush World Tour Paris, Project22 ( Dubai ), TEZOS Foundation and more.

    Her collectors are legendary artist Coldy producer Katerina Gecmen-Waldeck, CEO of premium NFT platform Makers Place - Craig Palmer.


    Pola always was interested in subjects of human potential and spirituality learning from masters such as: Bob Proctor, Anthony Robbins. Her friend and photography mentor was a world-known photographer Gueorgui Pinkhassov ( Magnum France ).

    At 2019 Pola together with her husband Lamonte Good created healing dance movement named NeoSutras, that later became her art holistic brand that fusing bio and futuristic technology expressed in multimedia artistry.

    Lamonte Goode - Sag AFTRA lead dancer, world-known yogi, creator of futuristic spiritual practice named “CYBERYOGA”. During his career he was working with artists and brands such as: NIKE, Y-3, Shakira, Beyonce, Pink, Snoop Dog, Rihanna, Ne-Yo and more. His legendary one arm hand stand is captured on the cover of the movie: “You got serve”.

    Neosutras became an art brand, that translates love, inclusion, self-souring, spirituality and healing through art.

    Pola invented term: Conscious Art and was the first crypto speaker who started to speak about the power and influence of visionary art. Every part of her work caring conscious aspect.

  • About Neosutras

    NeoSutras is a bold new dance fusion inspired by sacred geometry - the geometrical laws which govern everything in existence as a combination of yoga, breakdance, contemporary and acrobatics. This innovative art of dance merges ancient wisdom and modern body-mind-soul teachings, as it captures universal oneness and human synergy through strong and sensual movement that connects past, present and future.

    Our mission is to awaken our audience to the infinite consciousness possibilities through the mindful, empowering and meaningful body movement style of NeoSutras.

    Pola Rubis and Lamonte Goode, Web3 pioneers, multidisciplinary artists, yogis, choreographers with over 20 years of experience in the wellness and art industries.

    "Our mission is to bring more awareness and knowledge about personal growth and development, deeper aspects of inner peace & love within the families and individuals and to awaken our audience to the infinite consciousness possibilities through the mindful, empowering and meaningful body movement style of NeoSutras."

    Pola Rubis and Lamonte Goode, Web3 pioneers, multidisciplinary artists, yogis, choreographers with over 20 years of experience in the wellness and art industries.


    Neosutras creative agency is helping brands to build innovative vision and to represent their product or service using modern art tools.

    Our team of creators work with medias such as: 3D, VR, AR, photography, videography, 3D animation, custom live shows and presentations.


  • Neosutras Conscious Entertainment

    You are cordially invited to immerse yourself in the captivating and transformative world of Neosutras, an immersive performance art experience designed to unite hearts, heal and ignite sensual, loving energy among couples and families.


    This heart-opening show features breathtaking dance body language, inspired by acrobatics, yoga, sensual movements, and a unique style of interconnectivity and sacred energy exchange. The performance is accompanied by high-frequency music and authentic sensual aromas, drawn from ancient traditions of Amazonian tribes, creating a cozy, warm, and safe space for self-reconnection and unity with your partner.


    Prepare to be enthralled by captivating installations crafted from 3D body asana scans of the creators. These installations, fused with the latest in technology, offer unforgettable meditative experiences, including optional VR meditations that evoke inner exploration, intimacy, and inner balance. Notably, Neosutras is the first group of performance artists to 3D scan over 100 unique body asanas, which are also featured in their book "Yoga for Love and Intimacy."


    The essence of this experience is to elevate the frequency of relationships, enhance intimacy, and discover new realms of intimate, loving energy. Neosutras believes that dance has the power to touch the hearts and souls of spectators, going beyond physical prowess to establish an emotional connection with the audience, leaving them moved, inspired, and uplifted. The meticulously crafted performances showcase the sheer beauty and power of human movement, creating an intimate and unforgettable experience for all guests.

  • Neosutras Show Reel

    Experience the art of authentic connection in the Neosutras show or workshop.

    Neosutras show is a mesmerizing fusion of acrobatics, dance, yoga and meditation which are not required a lot of space and can be performed in a very tight set ups, as well as on the large stages.

    The program includes a 60 min immersive sound and dance performance.

    Each act is 5 minutes long and can be booked separately.

    As a special gift, we will be happy to create a unique performance for the client who have preference on the song or theme.

  • Neosutras Custom Installations

    we are creating custom full immersive art installations for the events, projections, DJ sets, brands


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    New Love - Life Chapter With the Neosutras Book

    "Yoga for Love & Intimacy"

    Try this and watch your love life change.

    To know more about the shift you can make with Neosutras book, please visit our campaign page. You will find in depth answers on what to expect from this practice and journey.

    Neosutras offering seminars and private coaching on healing through movement education. Connect with us to explore opportunities for yourself or your organisation or business.

  • Neosutras Home

    Exclusive one of a kind sculptures made of ceramic, marble, resin

    Neosutras Creative Production

    Learn in depth about our creative possibilities and innovative approach

    One of a kind wall art

  • Our Clients & Services

    We are creating experiences, shows, installations with creative direction for top brands and artists.

    Our work fusing latest word technology tools such as: 3D, mocap, AI, point clouds, volumetric technology, VR, AR.

    Our services:

    - choreography , creative direction

    - 3D branding, content creation

    - custom VR experiences

    - shows for private and corporate events

    - wellness workshops

    - custom installations, art for businesses and private clients

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    Wearable Art

    Pola Rubis created the concept of wearable art, where she used hats as a canvas. Her line was presented in a collection at Ron Robinson stores, galleries, and private collections. Each hat is a statement for the activation of personal resources and the embracement of individual gifts and uniqueness, expressed intentionally by the artist.

    View her wearable art gallery to shift your imagination about design and fashion.

    Custom pieces may include 3d sculpture, logo, photography and more. Connect with us to discuss your request and idea.

  • Neosutras Events

    NeoForm is an event created to gather and provide a space for our community to self-upgrade; learn and present the latest world of art-tech. This event sets the stage for creators and observers to explore the ever changing landscape of creative expression and healing by combining web3 technology with wellness practices.

    Would love to become a sponsor, collaborator, or to organize event at your city or location, please contact us to discuss details.


  • Neosutras Furniture

    Unique & soulful furniture for peaceful environment.

    Custom color & shapes selection.

  • If you feeling the value in our mission to bring education, inspiration and peace into the family structures and self-growth, join our family of Angel Investors. Your support will help us to scale our services for the mutual good.

    Become an Angel Investor

  • Pola Rubis Photography

    Pola Rubis is a creator of unique photography style, that captures the magnificence of human nature and fosters a sense of connection through love. Her work represents unity, inclusion and the beauty of diversity. Pola's father, an innovator Daughter of the innovator, was creator of the first color photography in Siberia. She study photography at "Moscow House of Photography" and was mentored by the legendary artist-photographer Geourgi Pinkhassov (Magnum, France).

    Custom photography and prints on various materials are available upon request.




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