• NAW / Neosutras Art Wellness

    First Web3 Neosutras Art Wellness Space on http://Spatial.io Metaverse opened it’s virtual doors July 15th-16th with the group art show of 30 outstanding artists!
    Custom 3D environment designed by CreativeOwls for @Neosutras.
    Innovative and immersive concept that merges art with wellness, dance programs, marketing education, Live performances & streaming with best coaches and speakers!
    This space is created to provide more opportunities for artists and community to upgrade their wellness and creativity.
    Neosutras is a brand that focuses on progressive conscious art, mental & physical health education, NFT-ART and integration of "last word" technology into the Web2 & Web3 worlds.

    NAW represents a merging of art with wellness, dance and yoga programs, nutrition and detox marathons, branding, live performances and streaming with best

    coaches and speakers worldwide. If you ever imagined art wellness you can join from any part of the world, here it is. This space is created to provide more opportunities for health practitioners, artists and anyone who intend to upgrade their wellness and creativity.

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  • Neosutras Art House

    Visit our online gallery featured on Spatial.io to explore resent art collection and installations.


    Welcome to the world of love and Harmony.
    We are inviting you to take a beautiful journey through the exploration of yourself and your loved one with the practice and art of Neosutras.
    Let us tell you About it.
    Neosutras is a bold yoga and dance fusion style inspired by the primal rhythm of the universe, sacred geometry and yantric designs.
    It fuses the ancient and modern movements, capturing connectivity and synchronicity through innovative and sensual movement.
    This practice based on Hatha Yoga fundamentals, including dance that comes together to create unique asanas and elements made by creators of Neosutras: Lamonte Goode and Pola Rubis. All elements and asanas are connected into diverse krias and flows to make the practice very enjoyable and always different.
    We are here to spark the energy, connection and intimacy within individuals, partners, and communities through healthy physical practices of vitality.
    For everyone to discover a unique and powerful ways of connection, creativity, magical intimacy and self healing with their partner.